What can I expect after making an appointment?

  1. A thorough, unbiased assessment of your new home. Driven by years of experience and dedication to providing the best service possible.
  2. Personal Consultation, with a clean, detailed, easy to understand report (with photos and links) emailed to you the next day,usuallly the same day.
  3. Follow-up phone consultation and/or emails (at no charge), when requested.

pic-contactWhat can I expect during the home inspection process?
You can expect a professional, experienced home inspector to visually examine all readily accessible areas of the house. This is a bit like the General Practitioner performing a check-up. I will be giving the building a physical. First, I must concentrate on the “Exterior Envelope”. That is, the roof, roof drainage system, siding, flashing details, penetrations such as doors, windows, pipes, handrails, etc. Equally important are the foundation, soil grades around the building, how the house relates to the lot, etc. Some of this is right brained stuff. Experience plays a huge role.
Then to the interior. Checking doors, windows, floors, mechanical systems, baths, kitchens, attics, crawlspaces, etc.

How much will it cost?
Due to variables such as type of building/house; location; size; age; condition; your specific needs, etc. we will need a phone call or email to assess the conditions, to price the job.

How long will it take?
We will need 3 hours on the average house, but there is no time limit. Could be more, partly depending on what we find and how much discussion you need. Basically, as much time as you need. This process is for you. By the time we leave, you will have no questions left unanswered.

Should I or my partner attend the inspection?
I prefer you to attend. I think you get more out of it. If you do not have the time, try to stop in at least for the summary of findings, near the end. This is the most important part of the inspection, in terms of your understanding. Sometimes people are not able to attend at all. That’s OK, too. In that case, we will have to make arrangements for your check to be delivered at the inspection (usually by your agent) and we will need to get a Pre-Inspection Agreement, agreed to by you before the inspection can begin. After reading the report, if you need clarification or have questions, please call or email me.

What kind of information will be in the report?
The condition of various items, as determined by visual examination, including Structural; Exterior Envelope; Drainage; Ventilation; Moisture Control; Mechanical Systems e.g. Electrical, Plumbing, Heating/Air Conditioning; Finishes; Fireplaces; etc. The findings will be summarized as Minor, Major, Future. A full discussion of findings is included. Your understanding is a very important part of the home inspection process and is best served during the discussion period, not to be minimized, or rushed along. You need as much time as you need.

What if I have questions?
Definitely ask me. That’s why I’m here. It is important to bring up any concerns that you may have at the beginning of the inspection. You can also follow me around, ask questions, poke fun, whatever. It would be good to let me do my job, without undo distractions, but if I am in the area in question, ask away. After the inspection and Discussion of Findings and after having read the inspection report, if you need clarification or a question answered, I am available to you via phone or email. Now or in the future, don’t hesitate to call. If you are entertaining proposals from contractors for example and something doesn’t seem quite right, give me a call and we can talk about it a bit.

What do I use the report for?
To help determine how to move forward. Your real estate representative should guide you, based on the inspection report, the history of the transaction, the amount of time the house was on the market, whether you made full price offer, or hammered them hard during negotiations, etc. There are other factors that only your real estate representative has knowledge of. Consult with them. Give them an opportunity to do their job and professionally serve your best interest.

Who sees the report?
No one sees the report except you, unless they have your permission. Note: As a courtesy we will send a copy of your report to your agent for you, unless you tell us not to. If I get a phone call (from the seller’s agent, the seller, the contractor doing the repairs, etc.) asking for information about the report, I will direct them to your representative. If your rep (or you) gives me permission, I will speak with them. I will not add anything beyond the report. You will know exactly what we talk about. No surprises.

Do I need an inspection on a new house?
The municipal inspectors that inspect during construction have very limited time on site. In the little time they have they can only devote themselves to a half dozen or so “pet peeves”. Much of this can be true for the Site Superintendent, as well. The Superintendent is key to a successful and well run job. If he does not have the time or experience to coordinate the job properly (few do), then details will “fall between the cracks”. The Superintendent does not go into the far corners, inside and outside the house like a good private home inspector does. He does not have the time. Good builders welcome good private inspectors, to help them with their “quality control”. As an example, nobody likes going into the crawlspace, to check on work that’s been done. Consequently, we find repairs required in a large number of new construction crawlspaces (amongst other areas).

What should I do about my “Builder’s One Year Warranty”?
We can come out to give your house a check-up so you know how things have faired and if anything new has come up. You will probably have an ongoing list of items you would like the Builder to take care of under the warranty. Your list along with our inspection should then be given to the Builder (before the one year is up).

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