Meet the Inspector

I started building houses in 1974 in Issaquah, Washington and have spent my entire home building career in the Northwest. I know Northwest houses. From Apprentice to Master Carpenter to General Contractor to Home Inspector. (Inspecting full time for about seventeen years now, somewhere around 4,000+ houses inspected).
I know how to do it right and I know the “tricks” that some use to try and cut corners.
The good builders like me, the other type of builders (or home sellers) hate to see me coming. (I can be a bit of an “Ornery Old Fart” when it comes to being an advocate for my clients.)

With a background of building and managing residential projects for over 20 years, and inspecting full time for about 17 years, I have been continually perfecting the art of home inspection through several avenues, such as being active in the local chapter of ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors). ASHIWW (ASHI Western Washington ).
Education is paramount to our profession. I have coordinated ASHIWW Annual Fall Seminars, drawing home inspectors from several western states; attended numerous workshops and seminars throughout the years in all aspects of building systems and home inspections; am active in several professional associations such as ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) and IHINA (Independent Home Inspectors of North America).

Another way I keep in touch with current developments in the home inspection industry is through several trade publications such as:

  • pic-backgroundThe Reporter (ASHI)
  • Building Standards (ICC)
  • Journal of Light Construction
  • Wood Design & Building (Canadian Wood Council)
  • Monitor (Aerotech Laboratories)
  • Communicator (FREA- Foundation of Real Estate Appraisers)
  • Working RE (Serving Appraisers and Home Inspectors)
  • This Old House

Ray Foster , LLC provides thorough, unbiased, independent home inspections for the home buying public.

I approach the home inspection process on a one-two basis. One being the condition of the building and it’s systems. Two being the communication of findings with the home buyer. (i.e. “Houses and Their People”). The best inspection can mean little if not explained to your complete satisfaction. I give you the full attention that you deserve. I take the time to explain all findings & answer all questions. Clients have commented that during the home inspection process they felt they were my only clients. They did not sense that I was quickly trying to finish up to rush off to another inspection.
Patient explanations are my trademark and would include visuals on site; photos in the report (difficult to forget a mental image); placing the findings in perspective (major, minor, future); approximate costs associated with repair/replacement; viable solutions (drawn from years as a remodeler/home inspector), and answers to any questions that may come up. (Remember, there is no such thing as a silly question)
If you need a home inspector that takes pride in personalized service, provided with years of experience, you have come to the right place.

“30 Years With Houses and Their People”

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